This is my last week of relaxation, probably ever. It’s the final week in the month before Margot comes that I have no appointments with my midwife, no major shopping trips, no last minute baby items to collect — no major errands at all. I’ll go to my weekly bible study, but that’s it. I’ll be able to sleep in undisturbed until a shameful hour, wear faded leggings and baggy cardigans (my pregnancy uniform), watch old episodes of Lost (Isaac and I are watching the whole series for the first time), and snack all day long. Jealous? Well, hold off on that for now…

Coffee Table - Feb


First let me backtrack a little –I don’t want to come off as a complete glutton, here (read: that’s not me in the photo above, it’s Yango).

I see that I’m describing pregnant-me like the type of person that gets killed off in the neo-noir thriller ‘Se7en’ over a bowl of Spaghetti, or whatever. For the record, at around 1pm during the day, once my morning noontime breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios has settled, I do a few chores to ‘earn my keep’. I usually make sure the dishes are done, the bed is made, and the house looks tidy. I’ll dust, vacuum and take out the trash to feed into the illusion that I’m an excellent homemaker and that I’ve had a gloriously productive day. Sometimes, I’ll even put on some blush and mascara, but that’s more of dignity-salvaging activity for me.

Then when my husband comes home, he can see how hard I worked all day, and enjoy the super-difficult pasta dinner I’ve prepared.

A day in the life, folks.

Table Runner

Like I said, this week is the last week where I’ll only have above-mentioned light chores to do. Next week is a horse of another color. I’ve got appointments every single day, and it doesn’t sound fun at all. Carrying around a bowling ball size mass in your abdomen slows you down a lot; every task takes twice as long, and if I’m walking around a lot, Braxton Hicks contractions kick in. Those are getting to be much more painful.

Remember that fat lady you saw panting over a bin of frozen crab at Costco last weekend? She was with a confused-looking man who was holding a crumbled shopping list, and pushing a cart full of snack foods. Well that was me (and my husband), and I’m very pregnant, JSYK, and not totally ‘into that crab’ like you may have thought. I was having a particularly painful contraction and I had to stop where I was until it passed. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and it makes me a little fearful for what’s in store on the big day. Fortunately, they pass quickly and each one brings my Margot nearer. And at this time, I’d appreciate your support for my purchase of 60 Quaker granola bars.

With or without your support for my snack food choices, I need to get back to carpe diem-ing this entire week. I’ve got a couch to reunite myself with during these final relaxation-filled days, the kind of which I may never know again.


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  1. hollie says: Reply

    I hope you enjoy your downtime! I can’t believe it’s already so close to your due date.

    1. I know! The time has flown by. I’m tired of bring pregnant but I’m sure I’ll miss it after she’s born.

  2. I fully support as much laziness as possible. And pasta is hard. I mean, just deciding what noodles to cook is exhausting. 🙂

    1. I know, right? Bow ties, linguini, spaghetti…decisions, decisions!

  3. sending you some spring sunshine from europe for your final pregnancy week! stay healthy!

  4. Inge says: Reply

    You should just relax and sleep and eat as much as possible, because like you said, you never know when you can again!

  5. Kendra says: Reply

    every time i set eyes on your blog, it has a little makeover, i like it! lots of love and luck to you in the coming weeks. and i, whole support your decision to buy 60 quaker oat bars. you get it girl!

    1. Thanks, Kendra!

  6. Your days sounds similar to mine — although I am actually more jealous of your description of your coming weeks! I feel like I am more or less ready for this kid to get here and I am getting anxious; I wish I had more to do to occupy myself for the next few weeks!

    (Also, your dog is super adorable!)

    1. Your baby should be here a week or so before mine…at least according to our due dates. Can’t wait for updates from you, Courtney!

  7. g/f, my advice is to NOT feel bad for taking all this you time!!!!! i mean, that is the last of it!!! (not that you won’t get ‘me time’…but…its different). so live it up, seriously….do nothing and enjoy every minute! during my last couple of weeks i tool long baths every morning, sat around, met people for lunch….it was amazing.

    1. I love that pregnancy gives me the perfect excuse to be a lazy glutton. I think I only cooked dinner once this week (my belly hangs dangerously close to the stove when it’s on) and I’ve certainly slept in past socially acceptable norms. I’ll continue to enjoy it until this baby decides to make a go at the real world.

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