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  1. Isaac looks happy, dimples and all ! And the cake is lovely, 27 candles and all.
    Happy Birthday…..Love you, Oma

  2. happy bday to him!!

  3. Christie Ardoin says: Reply

    Isaac looks great and Iggy looks “human-like”- staring right at camera like he knows what’s going on! I can’t wait for next month when you and he become mom and dad! (Oh yea, and I become Granny A- still working on a cute name for me…)

  4. As we say around here, Iggy “thinks he’s a people”. We catch him sleeping on our pillows when we come home, and he’s always prying into whatever we’re doing, whether we’re assembling baby gear, or doing chores–he’s there. What a nut.

    I had a dream about Margot calling you by something…but I can’t remember what the nickname was. Maybe it’ll come to me again in another dream!

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