Snow Lust

Nighttime Snowfall

I don’t care that it only snowed two inches, and that the snow has already melted away. My upbringing in Bakersfield, CA has left me eternally deprived of this wintry white stuff; that’s probably why anytime it sleets or snows, I clap with glee while repeatedly asking anyone around me if they’ve noticed it’s snowing. ┬áNeedless to say, I was outside taking photos from the moment the puffy, sluggish flakes fell from the sky over our neighborhood in the suburbs of Olympia, WA to the moment it all melted away.

Snowy Evergreens Snow Rabbit Tracks Neighborhood Snow Snowy Trail

Now that this beautiful scenery has returned to it’s normal, wet, evergreen status, I’m back inside, tapping my fingers in anticipation of another brief snow storm (which is tentatively scheduled in our 10-day forecast). If snow doesn’t show around Puget Sound again this year, then that’s fine too. This is all I need to sate my snow-lust until next year when the Army sends us to Alaska for a three year assignment.

Please remind me of this day of snow-day-giddiness when I’m stuck indoors in Fairbanks, Alaska for four months while the extreme winter weather rages on outside. Future me will need the perspective, I’m sure.

Snowy Evergreens Snow in Washington

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  1. We were basking in the white yesterday too! Olympia always looks good with a coat of snow!

    1. I agree!

      P.S. – I love your mushrooming posts, the photos are so brilliant!

  2. Beautiful Pictures! I really hope your “snow Love” never goes away ­čÖé I hope my “rain obsession” never goes away whn I finally move to Seattle! LOL

    1. I’m the same way, the rain hardly ever gets old. Although once in awhile, I’d like to run around outside without getting so wet. :

  3. Oma says: Reply

    Those are beautiful pics……you are very artistic ! Let me know if a small package arrives…..Oma

    1. Oma, we did indeed receive a package from you. Thank you! Expect to receive an email from us soon.

  4. I love snow! But I don’t know how much I would love it if it was around every day. I’d love to find out how you’ll do in Alaska.

  5. hollie says: Reply

    I normally need a snow day.. but it’s been so warm and perfect here that I think I could just forego this year.

    1. I know by this time next year I’ll be dying for some of your winter weather, Hollie!

  6. absolutly beautiful!

  7. Ann Medlock says: Reply

    Your shot of evergreens is wonderful–I’d like to use it–just once–online–to go with a poem I want to post called Evergreen Code of the West.Glad to give you a photo credit, but I can’t find your name here. Please reply?

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