Carrot Brownies to Write Home About

I just baked these tasty carrot brownies and felt compelled to share.
1. Combine dry ingredients (except walnuts) in large mixing bowl, add carrots, then melted butter. Mix well.
2. Pour into 9X9 pan
3. Garnish with walnuts and sprinkle with cane sugar
4. Bake for 30 minutes
5. Serve warm with a tall glass of cold milk
Feel free to try sweetened cocoa
Sprinkle in a little nutmeg
Substitute raw sugar for cane sugar
Tears for Fears station on Pandora*
Tall glass of soy or almond milk
Try out the optional suggestions as well. I was multitasking by prepping a pasta salad and cleaning house when I whipped this up, so my recipe is minimalist. My cooking style is also very lax, I’m not rigid with the spices or portions. Try it your way!

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  1. um, yum! P.s. thanks for being my first twitter follower! 🙂

  2. Brissa says: Reply

    hello! this looks amazing!

  3. Hollie says: Reply

    these sound good!

  4. They are! They're more of a carrot bread/muffin alternative. Very delicious. My husband is going to chow down on them for breakfast.

  5. Of course! Welcome to Twitter 🙂

  6. Brownies, with carrots, that you can eat for breakfast?! I'm in. Yun 🙂

  7. Widuri says: Reply

    Wow, was looking this kind of recipe… No egg? at all? super… Thanks

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