Today I Am Twenty-Six.

Hello world!
Today I turn twenty-six years old and this is the year that it finally happened. I received the best birthday present ever. 
My incredibly talented mother in law painted a portrait of my dog and had it custom framed. I’m incredibly impressed with the skill it took to capture his likeness (she even captured the little bump in his nose!). My dog turns 12 this year; I can’t imagine he’ll be around that much longer. I planned to have him stuffed and mounted like a deer, but this is WAY less creepy.
My husband is totally relieved.   

Seriously, this portrait is spot on.

 I love my old beagle. 
 So I tell you, my mother in law is a tough act to follow. She also fixed my necklace that broke at one of her dinner parties. We were all crawling around the floor looking for the beads in hopes that someone could fix it. Sure enough, super mother in law to the rescue!
Ahh. So today I’m twenty-six. Time to celebrate.
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂 That painting is AMAZING!! wow..

  2. Kendra says: Reply

    happy late birthday!! and the painting IS perfect, such great detail.

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