Washingtonian in Training

 I’ve done it again. I’ve gone off for another visit to my future stomping grounds. This time I spent more time in the area I’ll actually be living in, Tacoma, WA. We also purchased a new couch (or paradise found, as I more fondly prefer to verbalize it). More to come on that later. For now, check out my new town! I’ll be there in a matter of weeks.

Isaac went ahead and made us the newest members of the Tacoma Museum of Modern Art. Now we’ll be privy to all the new exhibits and we’ll get discounted admissions to the other museums in the area. They all have some very interesting exhibits. I’ll be honest, I was more fond of this MoMA (and the Glass Museum, for that matter) than the one I was married at!

 I’ve been in Oklahoma for nine years now, the downtown masonry of Tacoma was much like the downtown areas of Norman and OKC. The familiar materials in an unfamiliar territory definitely made me feel more at home.

 And Mexican Folk Art? Be-still my beating heart, Tacoma. I’m in love!
Let the countdown begin!

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  1. Kendra says: Reply

    I'm really going to miss your Oklahoma posts! But I'm also super excited for your next adventure 🙂

  2. Amber says: Reply

    looks like you have a fun adventure waiting for you.

  3. How exciting!! I love WA!!

  4. Kendra, the Washington posts are going to be way cooler than the Oklahoma ones. Think: pinot noir festival, Tulip farms, Mt. Rainier. Can't wait!

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