Okie Noodling 2011

Hey Folks!

I hope everyone is familiar with a little Oklahoman tradition called Noodling, and for those of you who are not, I will explain. There exists a small portion of courageous Oklahomans who love the sport of barehanded cat fishing. That’s right, these folks like to wade the shorelines of creeks, rivers, and lakes to find large, unpretentious catfish. They are fearless.

The annual Okie Noodling Festival held in Pauls Valley, OK has accumulated quite the cult following. I for one have conflicted emotions about the treatment of the catfish, but I also get caught up in the quirkiness of the event. It’s the same way I feel about reality television.

Take a look to see what I mean:

I guess this year Pabst Blue Ribbon had quite the role in sponsoring the event.

This young man won fourth place for one of his fine catches. He looked like he was having way too much fun in the fish tank!

Guess what catfish? Noodling has now been legalized in Texas, warn your southern kinfolk!

Blossom wanted to get a picture with the Okie Noodling Queen. Ahh, look at us; brushing elbows with Oklahoma Royalty. Maybe one day you can get all hot and dusty and experience the catfish aroma of the Okie Noodling Festival!

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  1. i have no words. WOW!

  2. that catfish is a monster! looks like such a fun weekend.!

  3. Oh my! I would travel all the way from Ireland to Oaklahoma just to witness this from a safe vantage point…catfish are just too freaky looking!www.theheadlessmannequin.blogspot.com

  4. Kendra says: Reply

    Making Oklahoma proud! This is great.

  5. Wow! Those catfish are huge! Enjoy CO!-B

  6. Sandra says: Reply

    If my husband hears about this, we may be leaving Canada for Oklahoma!

  7. Oh my! This is so fun and funny at the same time. Those catfish are huge! It will be so nice to actually be there to watch.

  8. Cat says: Reply

    Wow … that is crazy! Though appealing to see man against nature without all his fancy lures and lines :)♥ Cat brideblu

  9. LOL Oklahoma royalty =) My husband was in the Marines with someone who LOVES noodling…but all his catches are much smaller. Those catfish are enormous!!

  10. wow- never heard of this before- On a side note about a month ago I made Catfish and my monkeys wanted to know what it looked like and my husband googled an image and they refused to eat it- that is one ugly bottom feeder.

  11. But, oh so yummy!

  12. oh my gosh!!! Those catfish are huge! This is too awesome.

  13. OH my word. I've never heard of such a thing. That is truly incredible..

  14. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. wow. just wow.

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