Front Yard Bird Watching

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m not afraid to admit that I love to bird watch. I have a pretty sweet canopy over my house that allows me to do it from my front porch. Unfortunately, all we really get are Robins, Cardinals and Carolina Wrens. We are, on occasion, visited by black birds and pigeons but they certainly aren’t majestic.

This little male Cardinal was very curious as to why the Paparazzo was interested in him. You can see his thought process as I clicked away.

He saw me take a picture of him, and while I adjusted the focus, he skipped off to another fence panel.

You can actually see the growing interest in the way he turned his head to get a better look. Then he moved over to yet another fence panel.

Again, he looked at me sideways as if to say “what ARE you doing?”

Then he came even closer to get a better look at me.

Then I guess he got bored because he flew home. What a cute little nest!

I’m looking forward to capturing images of other little birds in my neighborhood. Hopefully they’re all equally curious.

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  1. what a great bird. I love seeing a gorgeous bid too! I found a little broken bird egg in our backyard a couple of days ago and I am keeping my eyes open for the birds but haven't seen any yet.

  2. Reina says: Reply

    wow cardinal birds are so cool . I love their bright red color and the little truff of hair on their heads awww so cute.

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