Spring in Oklahoma

Hi there,

I’m sure by now you saw the wicked weather that ripped through my state yesterday. I’m still here in one piece, and so is everyone I know and love.

I’ve lived in this state for 8 years now, and I still cannot get used to tornado season.
Is this something you could feel comfortable with?:

This tornado in particular touched down about 10 miles from my office. Sirens were blaring and the sky turned that really dark, eerie color that makes me wish I could click my heels and whisk away to my hometown in California. This tornado was on the ground for over an hour and was about half a mile wide. Eight people died. Serious business.

My family in California and Ireland were blowing up my phone all afternoon, thanks CNN for worrying my mom sick.

Anyways, I’m grateful to still be here with everything still in tact. So much so that I’ve registered with United Way to volunteer my weekends in Joplin, MO to aide in the relief effort. I don’t know if they’ll have any use for me, but I’m sure I’ll hear something soon.

See you again soon!

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  1. Blace says: Reply

    This weather has been nuts. Glad to know that you are safe.And actually, the H&M temporary shop is gone now. I was hoping that it would still be there, even though the permanent one is not open…but it's not. They're putting in a Nike store where it used to be. You better believe that I walked around that mall nearly two times confirming that it was gone. Haha. I felt pretty stupid and letdown.

  2. that is great that you are spending your weekends helping out- You are awesome.

  3. @Blace- Bummer!! H&M is the biggest thing to hit our demographic in the tri-state area (Oklahoma, Texas and uh, Louisiana?)!! Patience is a virtue, we'll just have to wait. @Ren-still no word from United Way…I may just have to keep it local and volunteer in OKC.

  4. crystle i don't know you, but i'm glad you're ok! it must be scary for everyone, even those not affected first hand. that's so great that you will be helping out.

  5. the weather there has just been completely insane, i grew up in the midwest and can't remember anything like it!

  6. aki! says: Reply

    I can't believe you were that close. Sometimes, I am not grateful enough for the lack of natural disasters where I live. Glad you're alright and doing all you can to help. seven-percentsolution.blogspot.com

  7. That is terrifying. We had a tornado warning in my county last night and I always get nervous. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!Have a great long weekend!

  8. Correction: ten people died. Tragic!

  9. alex says: Reply

    Oh my gosh, I would be so scared. I cannot believe this is an every day thing for you guys, for me it's just a movie thing haha. The pictures looks so amazing though. How horrifying!

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